Feathering is a manual method that ensures natural looking eyebrows. Choosing this technique will give you control over the appearance of your brows, allowing a flawless and realistic looking result.  With the use of the feather touch tattoo tool, we are able to achieve the most feather-light, hairlike strokes to mimic the client’s own brow hair.

This is a very natural look, if you are wanting more of a defined look, ombre or combination brow would most likely suit you better. This technique is best for dry skin.

A touch up is needed 6 weeks later then results last 12-18 months.


Ombre is a semi-permanent powdered brow technique for clients who prefer a fuller result than hair strokes but still very soft and natural looking. This technique is good for all ages and all skin types. We will colour match with your natural brow hairs for a seamless result.

A touch up is needed 6 weeks later then results last 12-24 months.


Combination brow is a mix between feathering and powdering. This is more defined than the feather touch brow; It has a natural finish at the front of the brow but defined at the ends just like makeup. This can be as defined or as natural as you desire.

A touch up is needed 6 weeks later then results last 12-24 months.


Lip blushing is a semi-permanent tattoo that can enhance the colour and shape of your lips and give the impression of more fullness. It produces collagen so it will smooth out any fine lines around your lips. It can be help even out the tone of the lips and help with asymmetry.

Initially the colour will look vibrant but once healed (3-4 days) the colour softens and blends in with the natural lip colour. Making your lips look more defined and pigmented. 

There is a range of colours to choose from; you can bring in your favourite lipstick and we can match it. Numbing is applied for minimal pain.

A touch up is needed 6 weeks later then results last 3-5 years.


An eyelash enhancement tattoo involves depositing pigment with a tiny needle along the lash line; to give the appearance of thicker lashes.

This lash enhancement is designed to make your eyes stand out and is flattering on all skin types and eye colours. You must not use any growth serums for at least 6 weeks before getting the eyelash enhancement.

A touch up is needed 6 weeks later then results last 12-18 months.


Avoid coffee and alcohol on the day of the treatment.

Stop blood thinners, fish oils, aspirin 72 hours before treatment.

You can’t be pregnant, breastfeeding or on accutane. 

Do not tan your face before the treatment.

If you are sunburnt on your face we cannot preform the treatment.

No chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser or any other intense treatments, which will cause faster skin cells rejuvenating and cause skin irritation, we recommend getting this done 2-3 weeks before your appointment.

Wash your hair before the treatment, as there is to be no contact with water for brows, 7 days after the treatment.

Botulinum injections or filler - 2 weeks either side of the treatment.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill out consultation forms.

We will clean the brow area with clean sterile hygienic pads and apply numbing cream.

We will draw the brows on before the treatment. 

A before & after photo will be taken.


Wipe with a damp cotton pad for the first few hours after treatment.To help with the healing apply the antiseptic cream given to you.No swimming, heavy workouts sunbathing or tanning for 10 days after.No chemical peels, dermabrasion, or any other intense treatment for 4 weeks.Do not scratch, touch or pick the healing skin. 

Remember to trust the process, everyone’s skin heals differently.

It is important to remember that this is a two part process and the second touch up will complete the procedure.

All aftercare will be provided and given to you with instructions after your treatment.